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Welcome to the AVA Community LiveJournal! H-chan here, hoping you'll join and post anything that could possibly have to do with AVAing.

This was created with the intention to help out the good AVA community with anything! ^-^ There are a few exceptions, listed below...But aside from that, you can vent, theorize, whatever! ^-^

There are three rules:
1 - NO AUDITION OPENINGS! I refuse to have any sort of auditions enter into here. You can bitch about roles, you can rejoice about getting them, but there will be no audition postings here. You can head on over to any one of the many fabulous voice acting boards to get open auditions, but this is a community. In my opinion, posting audition links here would take away from the community atmosphere by creating potential for jealousy and tension. This is just something I would like to request, please.
2 - It is alright, however, to post links to finished projects/clips. That's publicity, and can only serve to help out the group as a whole. However, if the journal turns into nothing but another board to publicize your shows, it will be shut down. Again, there are boards for that. That's not what this is here for.
3 - If you are having a rough day over a casting decision, or over another VA, please do not use the person's name or the production's name. That's just mean and immature. You can easily vent frustration by replacing their name with an alias, or something of the like. ^-^

OK? Well post away!
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