Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor (kwanboa) wrote in avoicea,
Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor

The mod puts her foot down.

Dear members of avoicea,

This is a community to discuss voice acting, amateur or pro, since we have both among our ranks. This can also be a place for the older AVAs to catch up with each other (some of us have been around for six years or more but haven't acted in three or so) and exchange info.

What this is NOT a place for is to spam us with your iPod pyramid schemes. If I see another one, I will do exactly as I did with the one that was posted today: delete it and mark it as spam, which reports it to the LiveJournal administration.

I repeat: Do NOT spam this community. You will not like the consequences.

~Mod Ophelia kwanboa
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Thank you very much. Quite a few of the communites I'm in have had the same problem, but not such pro-active mods, so the iPod posts just linger on my friends page, taking up room.
Those things seriously piss me off. I know they work. I know people get their iPods. But...I bought mine LEGITIMATELY. (Am currently listening to it, heh.) And it is a classic pyramid scheme. So many people don't get what they bought into. And that's not cool with me.

Plus...what the hell does an iPod scam have to do with AVAing?!
Yep, I've seen the ads in my cross-stich, novel writing, bellydancing and coresty communites. which of course have nothing to do with iPods or apple.
Yes! Thank you a million times! I just got into a flamewar with some 15 year old for that. Gah!
O-chan is scarier than me... Verily.

-Founder Holly-chan thefreefall
Hi. I just stumbled upon this, looking at anime communities and stuff and well. I was wondering, because I very much want to, how do you even began to become a voice actor? I know it may be stupid to ask, but I was just curious is all. Thanks so much for your time, hope you don't mind the post. ^_^