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I don't remember if I have done this before.. but I've been around in this community for a while, and just recently returned from Japan. My host brother was going to a school to study voice acting, and was planning on moving to Tokyo to get into the career. I thought it was amazing, and asked him (or tried to) many questions about what they learned. I don't really have much experience or anything, but I have been in a few plays, taken drama class... planning on taking voice lessons, and have recieved the nickname "anime" to describe my random fangirl personality. /end rant.

But seriously, I would love to be a voice actor. I think it is one of the things that I would be good at, but I know it's harder than it looks, having to emote with only your voice. However, I think that learning Japanese has also somewhat helped my understanding of how they do their voices, and how to express more emotions with your voice. Uhm, I hope you all are having a good day, Sorry for the rant! <3
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