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Aspiring Voice Actors!

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Aspiring Voice Actors
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This is the community LiveJournal for those who voice act on an amateur level...

Oh yes, original profile. *gomen*

It's maintained/created by H-chan, based on an idea by Shelly Sullivan...Not that that's important to know, just crediting ^-^

The community is primarily moderated by Ophelia (kwanboa). H-chan (thefreefall) is lazy and reclusive, and mostly just shows up to say something to the effect of "Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!!" when O-chan slaps someone down. Both H-chan and Ophi are retired anyway. Soooo ancient...

That's it! ^_^ Join, post, vent, whatever. However, when you join the community, please read the rules/1st entry listed in the Memories Section.

We have added a new rule. Simply, if you want to leave the community, then just leave. We're not big enough or active enough, nor are you popular enough. Any grandiose goodbyes will be snickered at then summarily deleted.

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